Nasofix Results : Before and After Picture – 14 Days after Nasofix

If you haven’t read my post 14 days ago, kindly check it first by clicking here:

So I bought this device and it arrived exactly 14 days ago and I am here to conclude if Nasofix really works. I have a problem with my Nose due to the fact that it has a hump at the bridge and the tip is very droopy. I surf the net and found a device called Nasofix which claims it can reshape the nose and eliminate the hump as well as lift the droopy nose tip.

So I used it regularly for 14 days. It is somewhat not as comfortable as I thought since its warm on the nose but its not painful. I used it for 20 to 30 minutes each day usually before I sleep. Sometimes twice a day when I have free time.

So the first shot was taken 14 days ago and the second one was today, September 28, 2011.

I am quite AMAZED AND STUNNED myself with the result. It seems as if I have a Rhinoplasty after using Nasofix. The hump on my nose is virtually gone and my droopy tip was fixed. I just placed it as usual and I did not do anything extraordinary.

Apparently, it lifted my cartilage so that it will look straight at the side profile. My nose became more presentable at the same time because the tip became very defined.

I really believe this product is worth it at 29 bucks, even if they will sell it at 100 bucks I think people will buy it. It is really a great alternative for Rhinoplasty.

Now I know why the company has this 60 day money back guarantee, apparently, you won’t think of returning it. It is really great but I have to use it for another 2 weeks to achieve permanent results though.

In case you want to try it out, you can only buy it from their website at

Thanks for reading!


6 responses to “Nasofix Results : Before and After Picture – 14 Days after Nasofix

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  • srilu

    Hi, Can you please show me a pic to know how you actually placed the nasofix on your nose. I too have a similar problem like a small hump. But dont know how to place that. Please place that on your nose and post that picture.

  • Abbie

    oh my god, thank you SO much for posting pictures, i have a “dorsal hump” on my nose and it bothers me, too the extreme!. I really hope it works, and the pictures you put on are real, not photoshopped etc, because the website looks really genuine and I need to get my nose fixed!. Good luck with it! xxx

  • Me

    Do you think this would work on a crooked nose? If you view my face in profile from the left, it has a very slight bump and is a bit droopy but if you view it from the right, it seems “normal”. I had a septoplasty surgery last September to fix my deviated septum. This review seems like the most legitimate one online.

  • Luce

    Is it permanent ?

  • sari

    could you post or send me the picture of you placing nasofix on your nose ? ??
    ive purchased mine but it didnt make any change on my nose . .
    .my nose problem kinda the same as urs before . pls email me to send the picture . 🙂

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