Nasofix Review – Before and After – Trying out Nasofix to see if it works.

Ok, so I found this product called nasofix on an advertisement in google. I really have a hump on my nose and I am really not the type to be under the knife just because of this little hump. So I read an ads and go to their website and read some things about the product.

The product is only 29 dollars with 60-day money back so I guess I have nothing to lose. I ordered it 2 weeks ago and it arrived today. I’m pretty excited. I took a picture of the product so you can check how it looks like:

The product looks like that.

Quite disappointed since it has no boxed though they packed it pretty decent with a blue plastic and bubble wrap to protect the device.

Also I noticed that the transparent thingy is blurry and rough and somewhat grainy, but then i read on their faqs that it is the normal thermasilica form and a smooth and good looking thermasilica means its not thermasilica. So, Im good with that.

 It is swiss made but being distributed from singapore. Took 12 days to arrive here in New York. I am very excited to see if it will work on my hump and long nose. I have a hump and a little droop at my nose, the typical “beak” like nose. If this thing do not work, I do not think I can go for Rhinoplasty because I already have Kids and a loving husband and looks are not anymore important to me.

I took a snapshot of my picture just today so i can monitor my progress.

Nasofix states that changes are seen in a couple of weeks. I will get back to you and tell you about my progress in 2 weeks time. Now I have to start using the device.

Goodluck to me!

************* UPDATE *************


************* UPDATE *************


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